five women wearing hen party army costumes
  • five women wearing hen party army costumes
  • a young woman dressed in sexy hen party army gear
  • back shot of five gorgeous women in hen party army costumes
  • two women in hen party army costumes with camouflage tutus

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At ease, hens!

You’ll be commanding some attention with this army theme. We’ve got the uniform and all the accessories for you and your platoon to carryoff that sexy military style, without looking like Jodie Marsh in that infamous belt dress.

Get into GI Jane mode - but dress GI Jane up in a tutu and take her clubbing. The camouflage tutus are super-short, deliciouslymischievous and a cheeky flash of the derriere is almost customary on a hen night. Obviously, they would be highly impractical at agenuine military boot camp, but fortunately for you, your most vigorous exercise will be shakin’ your thang on the dance floor and bicepcurling another Cosmopolitan into your mouth.

We’ve got camouflage caps (come on, ladies – always coordinate your skirt with your headwear), bullet-sashes (do not be tempted toreplicate the Jodie Marsh look – however drunk you get!), inflatable guns and aviator sunglasses – which make every outfit look ten times cooler.

Prepare to parade the ground and march into a night of military madness.

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