Bavarian Theme

You know how picky guys are these days, they want it all; tall, slim, model-like stunners who radiate elegance as they glide about life with not so much as an eyelash out of place.But it just so happens that there’s a type of woman who blows these, quite frankly, mediocre women out of the water – those ladies, we present to you, are the Bavarian beauties.

There’s nothing like a deluxe Bavarian hat with attached pigtails to make a girl feel like a million dollars. So, if we were to inform you, that you (yes, you) could replicate this very look, we know you’d jump at the chance.

This theme is also a fantastic way to down pints (sorry, steins) all night and create the illusion that you’re in gorgeous Germany, rather than down the town centre, dragging Tipsy Tracy to the next bar after she’s had one too many skinny margaritas (she’s a nightmare when she gets her hands on those).

So, be sure to unleash your Bavarian badass and go a little crazy on your hen weekend (keep an eye on Tracy, though).

Products Required For This Theme