Five Baywatch babes
  • Five Baywatch babes
  • Sexy Baywatch lifeguard
  • Three sexy Baywatch lifeguards
  • five sexy female lifeguards with beach balls

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Baywatch has taught us all a few life lessons – that running in slow-motion from A to B is the fastest way to get to an emergency and thatDavid Hasslehoff, AKA, Mitch Buchannon, has a 1970s-esque chest-rug appeal that never goes out of fashion. Or maybethat’s just us.

But the most important lesson – that CPR not only works a treat, but also gives you a 100% success rate of finding true love. If CPR meansa furious hunk of a male lifeguard kneeling down beside you (the damsel in distress drownee), angrily pointing at someone and blaming themfor this tragedy, passionately kissing you back to life as you ‘wake up’ and both whimsically picture your lives together. Haha - another one in the bag. Not even a slight suspicion that you were faking it…

Eh-hem!Just joking. JK. LOL. We’re not that desperate...

Fortunately, for those of you who aren’t spending their hen night in Hawaii, these Baywatch costumes cover a little more flesh than the high-rise redswimsuits designed to show off Pamela Anderson’s assets, and feature a more demure shorts and T-shirt combination - whichyou can also get personalised.

Naturally, you’ll have an inflatable red Baywatch float (which you’ll have to strategically ‘lose’ for your ‘drowning’ to appear authentic) and one of ourfavourite accessories – the bum bag (or fanny pack as the Americans call it). It’s somewhere stylish to put your make-up, mobile andmoney, as well as all those phone numbers you’ll be collecting throughout the night.

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