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UK Largest Range

UK Largest Range

All five carry me costumes together
  • All five carry me costumes together
  • They come complete with fake legs
  • The chicken, clown and horse costume all being modelled
  • The gnome and the gorilla outfits

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We’ll let you into a little secret, lasses – it’s ruddy difficult to tame these handsome, yet boisterous, chaps - especially Marcus.

Marcus Tobias Baxter, our resident gorilla, can be a bit of handful at times. He loves nothing more than downing a four-pack of blue WKDs, hitting the clubs (with a trusty bottle of Davidoff Cool Water in his pocket, of course – chicks dig it) and playfully swinging hen parties onto his shoulders as he and Dwayne Montague (LNOF’s favourite Carry Me Horse – great bloke) drop it like it’s hot to the sick beats of ABBA. Honestly, he can be absolutely carnage, but, hey – it’s your hen weekend and that’s what it’s all about.

Our Carry Me costumes also come in handy when you’ve had one too many tequilas and you’re struggling to walk across a flat surface without falling flat on your face (we’ve all been there). These delightful chaps will just hoist you up with a spring in their step and ensure your don’t have to walk anywhere during your last night of freedom. We know, we know – they’re true gentlemen (and total hunk magnets, FYI).

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