three girls in sexy faux real t-shirts
  • three girls in sexy faux real t-shirts
  • three girls in sexy t-shirts looking over their shoulders
  • woman in sexy bondage t-shirt
  • three women in sexy topless t-shirts

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About Faux Real Theme

These Faux Real T-Shirts are perfect for special occasions, such as family reunions, weddings, Christenings and Grandmother’s 80th birthday. However, if you’re looking for hen do inspiration, then they will probably suffice for that as well.

These T-shirts are one of the most genius products that we’ve ever come across and they have the power to transform you into a new woman.

You can experiment with a bondage T-shirt and be faux-leather clad and fishnet bound, or be bejouled in genuine diamonds(rhinestones) like Rhianna’s skimpy dress, or - our personal fave – topless with your jeans undone. It will send every man you talk towild with jealousy as you appear to be constantly being felt-up by someone else.

We love these T-shirts for being cheeky and fun without being skimpy. It’s just a bonus that they can turn you into a super-slim,big-busted sexual exhibitionist, all from the comfort of a big cosy T-shirt.

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