four sexy hula girls in grass skirts
  • four sexy hula girls in grass skirts
  • sexy hula girl in grass skirt holding an inflatable pink flamingo
  • five sexy hula goddesses wearing pineapple sunglasses
  • sexy hula girl drinking from a coconut

Hawaiian Hula Girls Theme

Shake Your Coconuts


Hawaiian Hula Girls Products

About Hawaiian Hula Girls Theme


If you want to be attention-grabbing when you’re out in town, nothing attracts a bunch of primal males more than tipsy, uninhibited hula girls in floral bras, exposing their tans and smelling delightfully of coconut oil (that might be the Malibu). HawaiianHula Girls is the perfect hen night theme – it’s sexy and a bit cheeky yet bright, colourful and fun.

It’s also a fantastic excuse to drink fruity, tropical drinks all night. On that note, we have many drinking solutions to help you out: a coconut cup, complete with straw and exotic flower, or our particular favourite – a pink flamingo bong. You pop a shotin its underbelly and tip it back to drink from its glorious beak. If that’s not a talking point, we don’t know what is.

We’ve even considered décor and have invested in some huge inflatable palm trees and a Tiki pole (in our experience, this often becomesuseful for pole-dancing after a few shots of rum from a pink flamingo bong). Admittedly, these aren’t items for carting about town, but they are ideal forsetting up a tropical Tiki den in your back garden.

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