Five girls in neon outfits
  • Five girls in neon outfits
  • All of the girls wearing neon pink
  • Braces, hats, glasses and face paint
  • Neon goes really well over black

Neon Theme

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About Neon Theme

We’re not a fan of using clichés like ‘this theme will really make you stand out from the crowd’.

But with this fluorescent, luminous, electrifying neon theme - you’ll really stand out from the crowd. Subtly is not our friend here. Butwhen was a hen night supposed to be subtle?

A versatile collection of accessories, you can mix up a trilby hat, stretchy braces and trendy spectacles and there are a few ways to rock this look.

Go gangster – tilt your trilby for an air of mystique, smoulder from behind your big plastic glasses and thumb-hook your braces with attitude and an expression that says ‘you lookin’ at me?’ Don’t get all flustered ifyou don’t get the desired effect and people look back at you like ‘what’s wrong with that woman? She looks wrong.’ You can always pretend you were goingfor the other look – geek chic.

Pop your hair into a pair of too-cute pigtails and flutter your eyelashes through your thick plastic spectacles. If this were a movie, you’d walk into the school canteen, look around at all the cool kids /bitches and go to sit at a table by yourself whilst saying to yourself: ‘Don’t cry, Lizzie. You’re better than them. They’re not worthyour tears.’

Then a boy would ask if he could sit opposite you and you look up – and he is wearing geeky glasses too! Your eyes would lock over traysof macaroni cheese and milk cartons and your pupils would morph into love hearts.

Then at the end of the movie, you would take off your glasses and shake loose your mane of glossy hair and everybodywould gasp because you’re so beautiful.

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