Opposuit Theme

We’ll let you into a little secret. These suits are actually designed for men.

But then we all got really drunk at an LNOF office party and decided to raid the warehouse and do an impromptu photo-shoot… and when wechecked out the photos the next morning (with sore heads and big mugs of tea), we realised that all the gals looked absolutely awesome.

We don’t think that these look like men’s suits, but even if they do err on the slightly masculine side, it doesn’t have the same humiliation factor as aman dressing up in drag. There is a serious cool-factor and edgy sex appeal in a woman dressing in a man’s suit. Roll upthe trousers if you want to be a bit more streamline, but rock it with the confidence of a gangster.

Don’t be fooled by their outrageous patterns either – these suits are made with quality fabric and are exceptionally well-cut. You could all wear the same design, but we like to mix it up a bit. You’ll look like a group of undercover secretagents (though not that secret) and your mission is simple – to just look f**king awesome.

Team with a pair of aviators – always.

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