five sexy female golfers with inflatable golf clubs
  • five sexy female golfers with inflatable golf clubs
  • pretty brunette golfer wearing a visa
  • five pretty golfers wearing comedy golf hats
  • sexy blonde woman with inflatable golf club

Pub Golf Theme

Can You Get a Hole in One?


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About Pub Golf Theme

Forget everything you know about golfing. We know that golf is generally a bit of a man’s game, reserved for stockbrokers who wear pinstripe suits, swill brandy and say things like ‘bloody hell,Hugo, massively stressful day. Had a conference call to Japan and then gave a presentation to the boys from Jonesy’s department aboutinternational investments – I absolutely crushed it, of course, but could totes do with a few rounds of golfy to let offsome steam’ etc. etc.

However, this is Pub Golf: an entirely different sport altogether, that involves a lot less balls and a lot more booze –the much preferred components in our eyes. The rules are simple: Nine drinking establishments, a drink in each and see how quickly you can neck it. Can you get a hole in one?

We bet that Jonesy couldn’t.

In our vast experience of playing Pub Golf, the game is usually lost and forgotten by the third pub and you’re just smashing each other about the place with your inflatable golf clubs, but you lot may be more dedicated than us. And if you’re not, you cankeep the Pub Golf spirit high with these cheeky little outfits – short skirts, high heels, and head-wear that is so uncool it’s cool again.

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