five women dressed in where's wally costumes
  • five women dressed in where's wally costumes
  • five women dressed in where's wally costumes looking around confused
  • five women dresses in where's wenda costumes smiling
  • woman in where's wally costume and mask

Where's Wally Theme

Wally and Wenda - It's Complicated


About Where's Wally Theme

Where's Wally? Except it’s not Wally – it’s Wenda.

We don’t know where to start here, but we’ll tell you this for nothing – it’s not pretty.

We did a little bit of research to figure out exactly what Wenda’s role was in the Where’s Wally tales, and we were shocked by the drama – it might beportrayed as a comical children’s book, but it’s like a ruddy episode of Eastenders once you start delving into their private lives.

Apparently, Wenda is Wally’s ‘current’ girlfriend, which firstly suggests that Wally is a bit of a player, moving swiftly from one womanto the other like a sexual deviant, cranking up the notches on his bed post like there’s no tomorrow.

However, once you start delving into Wenda’s predecessors, the plot only thickens. Wally used to be in a relationship with her identical twin sister, Wilma. The swine! Wilma was also the original owner of Wally’s trusty dog, Woof,so we can only presume that something serious happened between the two of them for Wally to get custody of her beloved canine companion.

With all this drama in mind, we’re a bit peeved that Wally gets so much attention and Wenda doesn’t get a look in. So stand proud for the Wendas of the world! This theme is iconic - and you'll really stand out from the crowd. You'll also be able to round up yourgals easily at the end of the night because there’s no chance you won’t be able to spot them.

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