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As the Best Man, tradition dictates that you have to plan the most unforgettable stag do – leaving him lasting memories and aching muscles from being gaffer taped to a lamppost upside down... If that involves heading abroad in your matching T-shirts, or staying in Blighty for a jolly boys outing – it’s important to think ahead. We know exactly what it takes to plan a top stag weekend.

1. Know Your Bro

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Heaven, for you, may be getting suited and booted in a gangster Morphsuit and downing pints from a beer bong in a strip club, but that may be the stag’s idea of a living hell. Throw out your misconceptions of a stag do and get back to the basics – think about him.

2. Old and New Mates

The likelihood is that you’ll be making a whole load of new friends on the stag (dressing as drag queens together does that…), and you’ll need to introduce everyone to the group – so get online. Get a Facebook or email chat going to keep track of everything that’s going on. This is also a good place to share photos of the stag do, without them falling into the wrong hands…

3. Money

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Money is the most common source of all stag do problems – decide on a budget early, and stick to it. At LNOF HQ, we’ve set up an online payment plan to keep you up to date with what you need to pay, and when to pay it. You’ll always be on top of the stag do activities.

4. Logistics

Before you touch-down in an unfamiliar city, all suave in your holiday chinos, get the boring stuff dealt with. We’re talking; currency, activities, travel and getting to know a bit about the area (clubs). This will help you avoid big hassles, such as rip-off taxi fares to your accommodation and long queues into the best clubs. We’re only thinking of you…

5. Fancy Dress

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Make sure you round up the most unflattering and highly offensive outfit for the stag. Personalised T-shirts are a staple of any good stag weekend, as long as they’ve got your childhood nickname on the back, but you can go one better and score maximum humiliation points with our themes page. Including the likes of Traxedo, Snow White and the Seven Gnomes and the classic Genitals – the possibilities are endless.

6. Personalise

Make the event extra special by kitting out the group in your very own, one of a kind. high quality, low cost, design just for you, personalised stag do clobber. We have a whole range of customised items available, all designed and printed in our Gateshead office, usually printed within 48 hours and with next day delivery available. Have a look at our personalised stag do T-shirts for a timeless classic. It may be that you're going somewhere a bit chillier, or you want something you can wear all weekend, then our custom stag do hoodies will be right up your street. Not only do we have a load of designs to choose from but we can also create one just for you incorporating your stags face! We've also added personalised face masks to our range since the Covid-19 pandemic,

7. Drinking Games

From the classic beer pong to the hellish Ring of Fire to the sounds-fun-but-is-really-difficult-after-10-vodkas-and-a-round-of-shots Toy Soldiers, no stag do is worth its salt without a whole load of drinking games.

8. Surprise the Stag

The stag do isn’t just any other night out – it’s the ultimate weekend. If you have funny stories that the Bride doesn’t need to hear, or even a gift for the stag, now’s the time to tell them. Personal touches go a long way on his last night of freedom.

9. The Morning After

The stag do is not the time or place to curl up in a ball of misery and vow to never touch booze again. It’s down to you to round them up, get a fry up, and book a load of action-packed activities to get them in tip-top shape for round two. We hear paintball is good this time of year…

You can get even more inspiration for your legendary stag do on our Stag Weekend Locations page.

Last Updated - 08/02/2021

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