Dublin is one of our busiest and best stag and hen do destinations – second for hens and third for stags. As we pride ourselves on our knowledge of cities, it’s essential (an obligation, in fact) to test out our offerings. With that in mind, a few of us took a jet plane all the way to Dublin (namely, the Temple Bar….).


Speaking of the Temple Bar, we found ourselves walking into Bad Bobs during a ‘break from work’. Located in the middle of the city’s Cultural Quarter (and booziest drinking district), this award-winning restaurant/bar/club hybrid sits pretty – an icon in the zone. Spread over five floors, with each boasting a vibrant vibe, there’s enough for all in the group to love. The top floor is the rooftop bar, with an open-air ceiling giving way to the tropical Dublin weather… Moving down the winding staircase, there are several bars – including a dedicated cocktail workshop station – private VIP areas, a dance floor and even more space to experience that Irish nightlife. After all of that, we ended the tour in the first floor restaurant and live music bar, where we had a sit down to rest our legs after those stairs… We’re not as young as we once were.

Lit up red sign against a black and white wall

After a long day of walking up and down Dublin, along with visiting numerous bars and testing the Guinness out in each (when in Ireland…), a reserved table had never looked so inviting. We ordered the tasty grub - a mix of American and authentic Irish food - and sat back to tuck into burgers, club sandwiches and a vegetarian dish (there’s always one). Add to that, the cocktails on 2-4-1 – and we were feeling pretty satisfied.

Lit up red Dance sign against a wall

The atmosphere was just as impressive as the food, with a busker serenading us throughout our tea. We say serenading… performing to the entire bar. Some of our group got so into the music, there’s a Go Pro video that shall stay off Facebook and the website forever (we can dream). The bar gets busy every weekend and has live music regularly – we didn’t want to leave (especially with those cocktails), but we had a ‘job’ to do. Needless to say, we’ll be going back next time we’re in Dublin.

If you’re just as bad as Bad Bobs, there’s plenty of opportunity for you. You’ve got meal options and guestlist entry to see you through your Irish stag or hen weekend. On that thought, you can even go ahead and book your stag do or hen party over on our weekends page - brimming with endless activity and accommodation packages.

The Bad Bobs Temple Bar sign, lit up and visible through chainlinkClose up of a plate of foodClose up of a burger and bowl of chips served on a wooden boardThe Bad Bobs Dublin Temple Bar sign against a wallA red 'Slow... Set...!!!' sign against a black and white wallFramed pictures of quirky posters hung on a wall to a purple backdropFramed pictures of quirky posters hung on a purple wallA black and white wall with a red sign saying 'Slow... Set...!!!'A drum kit hung up on a wall to a purple backdropThe roof bar at Bad Bobs Temple BarPictures and an illuminated sign hung on a wall at Bad Bobs Temple BarA booth in Bad Bobs Temple BarA lit up red cocktail sign on a wall, above framed pictures hung upA lit up red Dance sign on a wallA winding staircase leading up to an upper level, with a red sign at the top of the stairsA red lit up sign saying 'Stairway to Heaven' Lit up Bad Bobs sign on the wallA bar at Bad Bobs, lit up to a red backdropThe dance floor at Bad Bobs, with a lamp in the foregroundQuirky doll boxes on a wallA photobooth visible through barsA man playing a guitar in a barClose up of a 'Slow... Set...!!!' sign on a wall

Last Updated - 16/02/2024

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