LNOF at Dublin's

Last Updated 23/05/2018

We’re proud Geordies (you might have heard us mention this before…), but when the opportunity comes our way to travel to Dublin – we’re not ones to turn it down. Dublin is our second most popular hen weekend location, and fourth for stags, so it’s essential to test out all The Emerald Isle has to offer. That was the ‘official’ reason for the visit… it had nothing to do with the Temple Bar.

Like This?

Speaking of the legendary district, Buskers on the Ball is a lively landmark – slap-bang in the centre of the zone. It’s loud, big, brash and is the home of some top drinking games… It will come as no surprise that this was our first stop. Busker’s Bar is a regular drinking spot on Fleet Street, but the venue’s underground, Buskers on the Ball, is relatively new – a unique sports bar, and the biggest in the city.

A line of four pool tables in a bar

After a long day travelling (50 minute flight…) and dropping our luggage off at The Harcourt Hotel – the food at Buskers was calling. We’re not delicate when it comes to eating, and everyone tucked into Mac ‘n’ Cheese, big burgers and breakfast baps, alongside those requisite pints of Guinness and cocktails. The tasty meal helped, somewhat, to soak up the afternoon’s (and airport’s) beers, just in time for us to try out the impressive selection of games downstairs.

Various meals on a table

Buskers on the Ball has no less than five ping pong tables, six pool tables – including one American pool table - two shuffle board tables and two foosball tables. Basically, it’s like stepping straight into a young lad’s dream (with a lot of tables). Pro tip: for the stags, a sexy ref can blow the whistle on your game when the time is up (now you're interested). We quickly discovered that several of us were in the wrong career – especially whilst playing shuffle board. To put in simple terms, it’s like curling, but on a table, and your aim is to stop the puck in the numbered lines - it's the only place in Dublin to have these boards. Anyway, we absolutely smashed the game, not so much the ping pong… The ceiling took an almighty battering during our visit.

Close up of a man playing snooker

The underground bar, with a whopping capacity of 900, is not only open every weekend, but can be privately hired. On top of that, it also showcases big sporting events on some of the biggest projector screens Dublin has ever seen. They also have Desperados on tap… We couldn’t pry our Content Writer, Sarah, away from the bar – and they have two (one upstairs, one downstairs). However, with the help of two strong men (Lauren and Claire), we got her away. Needless to say, she left happy.

Two ping pong bats along with a ball, set up on a table

If you like the sound of our afternoon, (as luck would have it) we offer a range of activities at Buskers on the Ball. You’ve got cocktail workshops, ping pong and prosecco parties and delicious three course meals. Or, you can go straight to booking your Dublin stag or hen weekend. You’ll, most likely, see Sarah there.