LNOF at Newcastle's

Last Updated 23/05/2018

Here at LNOF, we take our jobs seriously - every product we sell gets thoroughly tested out by us. That’s exactly why we decided to go clay pigeon shooting, quad biking, and rage buggy riding, one sunny Saturday. Life’s tough, we know.

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Just 12 miles out of Newcastle’s vibrant city centre, we let off some steam at the epic Fury Events arena. With over 2500 acres of stunning countryside to its name and the mantra “Drive it. Shoot it. Ride it.”, the action-packed activity is the number one spot to unleash your inner adrenaline junkie.

A girl being shown how to fire a gun by an instrutor

First, we ventured to the clay pigeon shooting range for our safety briefing and introduction to the powerful weaponry we’d be firing. We got our hands on 12 bore shotguns, and, (after feeling like proper pros screaming “pull!”), fired rounds at various moving targets. For those of us who really fancied our chances, we were given the opportunity to fire three shot pump action guns at the rapidly flying clays, with various levels of success…

Next up, we took on the quad bikes. Accompanied by Lantra qualified instructors, we were shown how to handle the quads and had a few practice laps before leaving the weaklings of the pack in a cloud of dust. Reaching speeds of up to 40mph, we flew over fields and woodland tracks, dodging (most of the time) the trees and ditches in our paths. One of us did end up in a bush, but we don’t talk about that

A girl riding a quad bike with an instructor on the back

Finally, we jumped into two-seater rage buggies with 690cc V-twin Honda engines, and raced around the field, constantly trying to beat each other’s best lap time. We raced against the clock, as well as each other, mastering hairpin bends (well, mastering-ish), chicanes and dodging mud on the course. Luckily, with it being a sunny day, patches of the course were bone dry – meaning we could pull 360 degree turns over the finish line. Needless to say, we left feeling like F1 pros, albeit, muddy ones.

Two boys in a rage buggy

If you like the sound of our action packed day, take a look on our stag or hen weekends pages in Newcastle to find out more.

Words: Sarah Main. Photographs: Laura Young