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Last Updated 21/05/2018

When LNOF got invited to the premiere of Almost Married, a new film about stag party dos and don’ts, at London’s Mayfair Hotel, we felt terribly British and exclusive. A film premiere? In London? We might be able to squeeze you in...

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Two men and a woman posing alongside the film poster for Almost Married


So off went Head Honcho, Matt, Sales Manager, Garry, and PR Guru, Stevie, for an evening of red carpet action, champagne, canapés, rubbing shoulders with the stars, (including the really fit one that went out with Will in The Inbetweeners) and an all-round spiffing evening of glamour and sophistication. ,

Or, that was the plan. They didn’t expect an evening of refined debauchery, just as Stevie didn’t expect to be carried around by four workmen, Garry didn’t expect to sleep on his face in a hotel corridor and Matt didn’t expect to return home with a pocket full of vibrators (we will explain that one). Well, you can take the Geordies out of Newcastle…

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