Last Updated 23/05/2018

Pizza: the foundation to all good stag and hen weekends. The tasty treat is so fantastic, we even offer pizza making classes for your big celebrations… we do take care of you. So, when we were offered the chance to make our own – half of our office turned up.

Like This?

It’s no understatement when we say half of the office arrived… In fact, there were so many of us – we had to start the night at a bar over the road (for space, of course). The Glass House is opposite Pizza Express, set on Dean Street, and serves a whole load of 20s inspired cocktails and whiskey. Obviously, that attracted us, and after dipping into our dough (pun intended), we headed over.

A man in a chef hat and apron, holding up a pizza with a woman in the background

Pizza Express is one of our busiest and most popular options for groups, spread over a massive three floors. There’s plenty of seating space and opportunity to make a mess – perfect for us lot. We had the penthouse private room, packed with flour covered tables for our class. We’ll not say what we drew in the flour, or mention names, but we’re sure you can hazard a guess… After all of that excitement, we had to demonstrate our kneading skills to create our pizza base. This didn’t go well, and almost all had to start again, but once we had the technique sussed – the toppings made an appearance.

People kneading dough on a table

The pizzas were some of the best (and worst) we’ve ever seen – a handy career change should we feel inclined – and we all lined up in an orderly fashion to get them cooked. For some reason, we were not allowed to handle the over ourselves… so we had to go downstairs and wait (with a drink).

An uncooked pizza

Once they turned up and the pizzas demolished, we moved onto the awards. Basically, it was the Oscars for pizza, and the ‘Biggest Dough Tosser’, ‘Best Pizza’ and ‘Calzone Master’ certificates were handed to worthy recipients. And, amidst everything going on, a few of us ‘forgot’ it was a school night, and didn’t turn up for work the next day… You can also graft for you food and book the ultimate pizza making masterclass for your Newcastle weekend.