Last Updated 21/05/2018

Since our decision a year ago to up our game, move offices and completely re-brand LNOF, there have been long days, late-nights, a lot of caffeine and a fair share of short tempers and passionate debates (usually resolved by the caffeine...).

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House Warming Party

Head Honcho's speech - we were all still pretending that we were civilised human beings

However, now that our new website has landed at long last, we’ve got to say that we’re really rather pleased with ourselves. So at the start of April we decided to throw a well-deserved housewarming party. We wanted to thank all of our contacts and suppliers who helped us to achieve this outstanding glossy new website, and also reckoned that the hard-working LNOF team needed to let their hair down.

And, not that we like to show off, but we know how to throw a good office party.

There was none of this awkward disco dad-dancing, with an old-school offensive DJ and a buffet of dry sausage rolls and questionable quiches. We transformed the office with giant LNOF light-up letters (which sadly we weren’t allowed to keep) and began the night quaffing champagne and canapés like dignified folk – until after Head Honcho’s speech that is, when all hell broke loose.

How many office parties can you say you’ve been to where the training area was dedicated to beer bongs and the MD has an inflatable cock-fight? We had an eccentric magician (Chris Cross) and a cocktail bar (courtesy of The Cocktail Project ) who provided a selection of lethal drinks that in our hazy memories, we recall as being made from pure alcohol and smoke (check out the pics to see what we mean).

But the absolute highlight of our evening was christening our brand-spanking new photography studio. We had initially debated hiring a photo-booth for the event, but didn’t see the point of getting photos in silly glasses when we had a warehouse full of hilarious and ridiculous costumes and accessories, so thought we’d do our own - which taught us some very valuable lessons: our costumes + accessories + a free bar = outrageous and excellent photographs.

Check out our gallery below to witness some of the highlights and curious happenings of the evening...