LNOF in Newcastle's October 2017

Last Updated 25/10/2017

If you’ve ever watched The Crystal Maze, you’ll know how excited we were when we were asked to take part in Newcastle’s newest escape room challenge. Located in the centre of town, just over the road from the entertainment complex, Lane7, our 10 bravest and boldest members of staff took to the Egyptian themed maze.

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Our friendly Egyptian guide met us in a small, book-lined room, and explained in full the quest which lay ahead. The aim of our journey was simple in theory (in practice, not so much…). Our team captain had to nominate one or two people to participate in each game, playing to their individual strengths, whilst the other team looked on and gave encouragement (or otherwise…).

A close up of someone opening a padlock

Whether it be a mental or physical challenge, our team captain had to choose wisely, so that the team member could complete the challenges under two or three minutes, and escape the room with a Clue Sphere (the equivalent of a Crystal Maze crystal). Each Clue Sphere equalled a clue, to help us escape the final room, King Tut’s Tomb.

Some LNOF team members looking into the room where a challenge is happening

From cracking complex puzzles, to solving riddles and collecting objects from obscure places, it’s safe to say our team were pushed to their limits, with varying levels of success. We even lost one team member to a pool of lava, but we don’t need to talk about that…

Some peoples' hands on a box with chalked drawings on

After successfully completing six of the eight rooms, our team had collected six Clue Spheres, gaining us a maximum of six clues for King Tut’s Tomb. As soon our Egyptian host explained our fate, we were released into the room and had to work together to solve different puzzles and find extra clues to help us battle our way out.

LNOF team members posing for a photo after they'd escaped

As you can tell by our victorious poses in the photos, we got our heads together and blasted through Tut’s Tomb with eight minutes and 41 seconds to spare. And we haven’t shut up about it since…

LNOF team members wearing goggles and looking up at an image of a mummy on the screen

To check out Newcastle’s Escape Maze for yourself, take a look on our website, or take a look on our gallery to see more of what we got up to: