Mario Kart inspired motorsport? Count us in! The office showed their true competitive nature for Teamsport Newcastle’s newest racing game.

May 2023

With one of the UK’s biggest indoor go karting tracks, Teamsport Newcastle have upped the ante with their new Combat Karts racing game, the first one in the UK. Bringing gaming into the real world, we just had to try it out for ourselves. Located just off the Quayside, the whole office headed down to see what all the fuss was about, and when we were met with the massive venue, Team LNOF were not disappointed. We were raring to go!

A line of go karts beside a track with on one in them at Teamsport Newcastle
Ready and waiting

The modern venue was stylish, fit for purpose and almost futuristic with electric karts and even VR set ups. Two huge racing tracks were the centre piece of the venue, with racers speeding past the viewing areas with ease. Not just a karting venue anymore, Teamsport has been transformed into an entertainment hub with karting at the foreground. Even for those who had been to Teamsport before were impressed by the renovations and new additions to the already impressive venue.

Two men in overall and helmets in front of a rack of helmets at Teamsport Newcastle
All suited up

We grabbed our flattering overalls and helmets and waited for the briefing to begin- safety first. Our marshal explained the rules. Everyone was particularly eager to hear about the special power ups. Around the track are three lights to drive over to collect either a Boost, Shield, Shoot, Bomb or Top Shoot: just like the rainbow item boxes in Mario Kart! The screens on the steering wheel would tell us which item we had and once we were ready to use them, we’d press the small silver button to release our power. We were all filled with competitive nostalgia as everyone was ready to bring out their inner Nintendo characters and take on the Combat Kart challenge.

A man in a go kart giving a thumbs up to the camera at Teamsport Newcastle
On your marks

We paraded over to the track and got comfortable in the karts. Set up for a grid start and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Go! We were off! Drifting corners; over taking; collecting power ups; speeding down the straight. The competition was brutal; the atmosphere was amazing. Disco lights made us feel like we were on rainbow road and the upbeat tunes surrounded the racers and spectators, adding to the party feel. And the boosts made it even better. Slowing everyone else down by shooting them or dropping bombs while you speed ahead with your boost is exhilarating to say the least.

Two racers zooming by spectators in go karts at Teamsport Newcastle

After a few minor crashes, false starts and some people going the wrong way we got the hang of it and looked like professionals for our second race (well, almost). The marshals acted as our Lakitus/Cloud Koopas when we were in a sticky situation, but it wasn’t long before no more help was needed. With skill (and a little bit of luck) our champions were crowned, and the races were sadly over.

A POV gif of a racer overtaking another at Teamsport Newcastle
Eat my dust!

We expect this to become a very popular stag do activity. For more Newcastle stag ideas, head to our Newcastle Stag Activities page.

Team LNOF lining up in go karts at Teamsport NewcastleA rack of helmets at Teamsport NewcastleTeam LNOF lining up in go karts at Teamsport NewcastleA go kart at Teamsport NewcastleA go kart at Teamsport NewcastleTwo racers on the track at Teamsport Newcastle

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