Don’t be alarmed! We didn’t do the real Squid Game; it’s the new stag and hen activity in the centre of Newcastle.

Right in the centre of town, The Squid Game Experience is one that major fans will not want to miss out on for their Last Night of Freedom! With the second season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to test your skills and see if you can beat the games.

A group of people wearing Squid Games Bibs in front of a Squid Games Mural with two Guards from Squid Games in Newcastle
Team LNOF had a great time taking on the Squid Games Challenge

Straight off the bat, the whole team was in a competitive spirit when we were told no one has completed all five of the challenges in a row! We marched up the instantly recognisable multicoloured staircases by the terrifying masked villains, as the eerie music was piped through the speaker. In that second, it looked and felt like were really playing Squid Games and – for a moment at least – your skin crawled.

Red Light, Green Light

Five people playing Red Light, Green Light as a Guard point a Nerf gun at them
Don't let the Guard see you move

A disembodied, ominous voice echoed through the room to tell us the rules of the first game as we lined up in a room painted with the famous girl at the tree. We lined up and the games commenced. If the pink soldiers saw any movement, we were shot with Nerf guns! Not as risky as the TV show but we still had a sweat on our brow and our hearts raced.


Two pictures of people playing the Dalgona game as guard watch on
Does eating the honeycomb count?

15 silver pots were presented to us with the honeycomb candy inside. Circles, triangles, stars and umbrellas were stamped in the centre. If you’ve seen the show, you know the drill, you might have even tried it out in lockdown yourself. Definitely the trickiest challenge, only a few of us were able to cut the shapes out with the needle while the guards watched intensely.

Tug of War

Six people playing Tug of War as Guards watch on

Split into teams of two, this game of strength and skill separated the tough from the weak as people were pulled to-and-fro until a team was named victorious. With cheers from everyone on the side lines, tug of war brought out the competitive side of us all.


Two pictures of people playing Marbles at Squid Games in Newcastle
The determination on their faces says it all

A more relaxed game compared to the adrenaline fuelled ones before, the marbles was just like the series. You make up your own game to collect all of your opponent’s marbles. One group took so long to pick a winner, the masked men threaten to shoot if they didn’t wrap it up fast. They felt the same urgency and determination as the characters on the show.

The Bridge

Three people playing The Bridge as a Guard watches on
Will she make it or will the hypothetical glass shatter?

A game of luck and memory, only two of us made it across the bridges without a Nerf bullet heading our way. There was no pushing or backstabbing from us, unlike the show, but we were all on the edge of our squares to see who would get shot next.

Final Squid Game

A security camera image of a blindfolded person holding a Nerf gun with a guard next to them
Security footage made it feel just like the show

One of our team was unsuspectingly chosen by The Front Man. Blindfolded, they were taken to a different room and handed a Nerf gun. The rest of the team later joined them and were told to hop past her without detection otherwise she’ll shoot. Little did they know she could see them all and fired directly at them.

After the games, the nerf guns were handed out and chaos ensued as bullets flew and people cowered!

A Guard from Squid Games standing in front of a Squid Games mural at Squid Games in Newcastle
The sinister Masked Man ready to shoot if necessary

This activity exceeded expectations and perfect for lovers of the hit Netflix show. Even some of our team who hadn’t seen it said they enjoyed it too!

No one was able to complete them all, so the challenge is still set. Do you think you can beat the games? The Front Man awaits you.

About the Author

Starting her career at LNOF, Hannah knows the ins and outs of the stag and hen world. Having visited 11 (and counting) LNOF destinations, Hannah is passionate about travelling and partying hard- the pinnacles of a stag or hen do. Her first year as part of Team LNOF, Hannah completed her Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with a distinction. Meaning she learnt how to write and advertise for Stags and Hens before anything else.

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