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Last Updated 22/05/2018

The Escape Room is a workout for the brain, with puzzles that will exercise your skills in logic, maths, problem-solving and teamwork. You have one hour to escape the locked room by solving the series of problems in front of you. Can you work together to solve the riddles and unlock the door?

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Upon arrival, you will be briefed and then locked away and left to your own devices for the next hour. You must work your way thought a series of cryptic clues and locked safes in order to find the key to your liberty.

We like to think we’re pretty smart cookies here at LNOF, so we thought we’d put ourselves to the test with the newly opened Newcastle Escape Room. It was boys against girls in a race to freedom. In the end, the girls won by a country mile, but we’re sure the boys did their best too.

Hit play to see how we got on, watch the full version on our YouTube channel and check out the gallery below.

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