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As expert stag and hen party planners, we pride ourselves on our commitment to awesome activities… and testing them out. Happily, a few of the girls from LNOF HQ got tickets to see the chiselled and toned boys of Forbidden Nights perform on their sell-out tour. What happened on the night is only for your viewing (and anyone else who reads this…).


The Forbidden boys burst onto the screen on BGT and have taken the UK by storm. They are the UK's male premier strip show, and the men are handpicked for their… talent and charisma. The super sexy show promises outrageous surprises from the very start on your hen party, filled with hunky men, death-defying acts, acrobatic feats, fire, songs and even a compere. And, it didn’t disappoint…

A crowd of women looking down to men on stage to a backdrop of green light

Once we arrived at the venue, we just followed the smell of cocktails and sound of jaws hitting the floor, and found our seats – amid fairy wings, L-plates and the odd blow-up doll -- with plenty of time to spare (and mentally prepare for the bodies we were about to see).

A man performing on stage to a crowd of women, to a blue backdrop

The show started with a solid ten out of ten (if we do say so ourselves), Lewis, welcoming the crowd and introducing the boys. Forbidden Nights’ very own Action Man walked out to deafening screams and climbed the makeshift scaffolding, before getting down to his undies. Then, out popped the fireman, with an astounding rope climb, and the semi-naked cowboys (just like it is in the Wild West) dancing, and what can only be described as dry humping the stage floor... Several more acts shocked the audience (and caused one or two marriages to dissolve) – including the exceptional break dancers and the serenading on a guitar from one of the hottest guys on stage. However, the pièce de résistance came in the form of a giant hula hoop.

Four semi-naked men dressed as cowboys, dancing on stage

Lex, the resident badboy of Forbidden Nights – who, incidentally, goes by the nickname Mr Milkshake – got into the wheel, and spun us, and himself, into oblivion. For us, that ended the show… Take a bow, Lex. The show passed in a hazy, excitable blur and, we can say with quiet confidence, that we’ll never see another show like that again. We are changed women – and you need this on your hen weekend. Luckily, we offer a spectacular Forbidden Nights activity on our London page. You may see us there.

A man stood in a hula hoop on stage

Last Updated - 11/03/2019

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