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Here at LNOF, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the ultimate last night of freedom. And, as we take stag and hen do planning seriously, we thoroughly try and test out all of our fantastic activities. What a chore, we know.

So, in the interest of research, last week a big group of us from LNOF HQ took a trip up Newcastle’s St James’ Boulevard – to the entertainment-powerhouse Lane7, a retro bowling alley. Needless to say, we had a ball (no pun intended).

A group photo in Lane7, with a ping pong table in the foreground

The venue itself is epic, bringing a completely new concept to the heart of Newcastle - transporting you to another era of retro. Along with an impressive 10 vintage, walnut bowling lanes, Lane7 boasts an all-American dining experience, four ping pong tables, five Yankee pool tables and a private karaoke room to boot – all set to a quirky U.S. hipster backdrop of retro lighting, exposed brickwork and a unique mantra - ‘shut up and bowl’.

A man bowling a ball down the alley at the pins

Up first on our itinerary was a double whammy of bowling – split into two groups, we went head to head in a match to separate the wheat from the chaff (after a few drinks, this proved easier than we thought). And, after a couple of turns, it was clear to see who’d strike it lucky, and who’d end in the gutter (literally).

A split image of a man celebrating a strike, and the back of a man holding a bowling ball

Next up, we tried our hand at a spot of American pool – and, with plenty of seating surrounding the tables, some of us rested our pins with a cocktail or two, whilst some chilled-out potting took place. After this, ping pong – which after a few civilised games, quickly escalated into a beer pong frenzy. Amidst the antics, the mouth-watering, American-style buffet was brought out. And, boy did we eat.

A girl and a boy attempting to bounce ping pong balls into a glass of beer

What We Ate:

Cheeseburger Sliders

SFC Goujons

Bucket O' Sweet Heat Wings

Bucket O' Spicy Pork Ribs

Fried Mac n' Cheese Bites

Corn on the cob with garlic butter

House seasoned potato wedges | coleslaw | house 'slaw | sauces

An image of some American style food, taken from above the table

Finally, after we’d sufficiently stuffed ourselves with all manner of finger lickin’ goodness, it was time to showcase everything we’ve ever learnt from morning shower ballads, and hit the karaoke. In our own private karaoke room, we left all our inhibitions firmly at the door. And, it’s safe to say – if we do say so ourselves – that we nailed Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’, belted out a cracking Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’ and even rapped an impressive ‘Forgot About Dre’. Eminem would've been proud.

Two girls singing into microphones in Lane7's karaoke room

All in all, a fantastic night was had by all – and we’ll definitely be back. If you like the sound of Lane7, check out the awesome stag and hen activities we can offer your group.

Words: Sarah Main. Photographs: Laura Young

Lane7 interiors with bar and photobooth showingThe restaurant area of Lane7Two vintage arcade machines in Lane7A vintage Pac-Man arcade machineThe bar area of Lane7 with people sittingExteriors of Lane7, NewcastleThe traffic outside Lane7 in NewcastleThe front glass door of Lane ajarThe staircase with exposed brickwork in Lane7The bowling lanes in Lane7Five people playing American poolTwo chairs with old fashioned hairdryers above, and a door with a microphone onThe illuminated photobooth in Lane7Lane7's logo on the wallThe bar area of Lane7 with bowling pins lining the wallThe bar in Lane7 with bowling pins and alcohol on the shelvesA boy with his hands in the air celebrating a strikeA boy holding a bowling ball, looking down the alleyA boy about to celebrate his strikeA boy and a girl sitting at the table, having drinks and laughingA man flexing his arm with bowling pins in the backgroundA group of people laughing in Lane7Two girls bowling at Lane7Two girls bowling  An action shot of two boys bowlingA boy hugging a girl whilst a girl is in the foreground, holfing a glass of wine and looking upwardsThree girls sitting, one covered by a wooden bowling pin, in front of an exposed brick wallOne pool table set up and two people playing in the backgroundA tray of mini cheeseburgersA bird's eye view of some American-style food on a small wooden tableSomeone in the foreground bouncing a ping pong ball to the girl at the other side of the tableFour young people playing ping pongA ping pong table to a backdrop of the Lane7 logoA boy casually sitting on a red sofa, using his mobile phone - under the Lane 7 logoA group of young people throwing ping pong balls at the cameraThree boys and one girl standing against a wooden wallOne boy with his arms around two girls, whilst one of the girls holds a ping pong bat over his faceA boy and a girl bouncing ping pong balls on a ping pong table, aiming for a beer glassA boy and a girl attempting to bounce ping pong balls into a beer glassTwo girls in the karaoke booth at Lane7Two girls singing into microphones in Lane7's karaoke boothFour people watching a girl sing on karaoke

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