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Did someone say 4pm finish? We're there.

Trust us, selling epic activities, boozy nights out and strippers is tough graft, and by Thursday, we’re usually pretty bushed. After a long, hard week of all work and no play (ish…), we stumbled upon the breaking news that, in fact, tomorrow (15/09/17) is National 4pm Finish Day.

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Needless to say, word spread fast. Following much debate, the bravest of our troops, Katie, decided to tackle the issue head-on, and ask the boss, Matt, if we could start our weekends early.

Amazingly, Matt, being the kind hearted, generous and compassionate guy that he is, said no. But, upon further research, he discovered that not only is tomorrow National 4pm Finish Day, but also National Tackle Kids Cancer Day. So, combining the two fantastic causes, Matt’s compromise was that if anyone would like to finish at 4pm tomorrow, they must donate £10 to Teenage Cancer Trust – meaning everyone’s a winner. Needless to say, we were all well up for it. If you need us tomorrow after 4pm, you’ll find us in the pub.

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Note: Tomorrow is also National Hug Your Boss Day. If, like ours, your boss is open to 4pm finishes and supporting great causes, we suggest you jump on board (not literally) with this, too.

Last Updated - 16/02/2024

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