Newcastle's May 2018

Last Updated 09/05/2018

It’s official, the entire world is in a state of Royal-madness. First, Wills and Kate have a beautiful baby boy and now, Harry and Meghan’s wedding is imminent. There’s never been a better time to celebrate our glorious Royal Family.

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Luckily for us, the royals stopped off in our Geordie hometown on their official (ish) tour of the UK. We spotted them on their travels down on the Quayside and even managed to get a few snaps of the happy couple themselves, Harry and Meghan, as well as The Queen and Prince Philip, William and Kate, Prince Charles and Camilla and Princesses Beatrice and Eugene.

Last Night of Freedom staff members wearing masks of the Royal Family on Newcastle's Quayside

Harry and Meghan looked blissfully in love and even stopped for a ‘Titanic’ moment on the Quayside’s tribute to HMS Newcastle. How romantic. William and Kate were seen taking in The Toon’s eye-catching scenery, pointing up at The Tyne Bride and admiring The Sage in all its glory, and enjoying a day off from the demands of their three children. Prince Philip was up to his usual shenanigans, speaking to (read: inadvertently offending) the public and even had a run in with the police, whilst The Queen sat back on her deck chair and let him get on with it. Typical day out for Philip.

A Last Night of Freedom staff member wearing a Prince Philip mask, with a police officer behind him

We even spotted Princesses Beatrice and Eugene building sandcastles on NE1’s Quayside Seaside, whilst Prince Charles and Camilla took advantage of the rare rays of sunshine behind them in the Quayside’s beach huts.

Last Night of Freedom staff members wearing Royal Family masks on the NE1 Quayside Seaside in Newcastle

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