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When celebrating your up and coming nuptials, you want to go out with an almighty bang. From riding a husky drawn sledge in Poznan, to baking vagina shaped cupcakes in Amsterdam - we’ve rounded up the most outrageous activities you could possibly dream of doing on your hen party. Here’s to an unforgettable weekend…

Helicopter Tour – Vegas, Grand Canyon

Two tiled images of the Grand Canyon and the helicopter

via The Canyon

Amidst the crazy carousel of 24 hour casinos, bars and clubs – it’s worth taking a step back (or upwards in this case) when partying in Vegas. And, we can’t think of anything more exclusive or glamorous for your hen weekend, than a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Your own personal pilot will take you in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam - offering fabulous photo opportunities from your bird’s eye perspective of Sin City. This is one activity not to be missed.

The Dutch capital is brimming with beautiful canals, windmills and tulips – but on your hen weekend, it’s all about the crazy, racy and raucous side of Amsterdam. This is the capital of excessive indulgence in debauchery – so celebrate what the city is famed for: The humble art of sex. The world-famous Casa Rosso Live Sex Shows offer everything; from the tame and slightly silly, to full on erotic aerobics, and everything in-between.

Husky Sledge - Poznan

Two tiled images of huskies running in the snow

via Doitnow and Wildmotion

Skiing, snowboarding or even building mansion sized igloo dens, are nothing in comparison to this snow-based wonder activity. We can’t envisage a better representation of your up and coming Big Day (or an activity to make you feel more like glamorous Ice Queens), than hurtling around in the snow, on a husky sledge. This will make you feel like intrepid explorers from the off.

Fire Breathing Workshop – Amsterdam

Two tiled images of people firebreathing

via Flickr and Livescience

When visiting Amsterdam, there’s a whole lot of crazy and outrageous stuff to see and do. For example, why not start with embracing your inner dragon, and indulging in the art of fire breathing? This session will slowly work up your confidence, starting with just water and ending with real fire breathing like a pro. This one isn’t for the faint hearted – but this dangerous art form will not fail to impress. Prepare to turn up the heat and blow everyone away.

Tank Shooting – Poznan

A tank with the gun barrel close to camera

via Milweb

Forget indulgent afternoon teas, luxurious spa breaks or sipping pretty little cocktails in your LBDs - this one blows all hen party tradition out of the water. You and the girls will shoot bullets from powerful tanks, under the watchful eye of a trained professional, using tanks such as the Abbot FV433, Gazdzik 122 or BWP2, choosing your targets to obliterate. Ready, aim, fire.

Mud Wrestling – Prague

Two tiled images of people mud wrestling

via HDpixa and Academic

Live out your deepest, darkest fantasies with this racy activity. Not just one, but two strapping hunks will take to the pit and go head to head in a mud wrestling match as you watch in awe. After a steamy striptease from one of the bronzed Gods, the lucky Bride-to-be will receive a personal wrestle – if this isn’t the ultimate send off into married life, we don’t know what is.

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