We're going on a Stag Hunt

Last Night of Freedom wants to sponsor as many rugby teams as possible - but they must be called The Stags

We Want To Sponsor your Stags

LNOF loves stags. And we also love a bit of rugby. And it turns out rugby players and stags share loads in common. Besides having a penchant for a pint or two, The Stags is also one of rugby's most common team names. Now LNOF want to hunt down every side called The Stags in order to sponsor them next season. We can't think of a better way to help 'prop' up grassroots rugby – but we need to 'try' and find them. If you know of some Stags needing a sponsor, get in touch!

What Are We Offering?

An illustrated icon of a rugby shirt

Shirt Sponsor

For shirt and short sponsorship, we can offer up to £250.

An illustrated icon of a pair of rugby shorts

Short Sponsor

Shorts sponsor up to the value of £100.

An illustrated icon of a yellow stag shirt

Tour T-Shirts

Discount on personalised T-Shirts for your rugby tours.

An illustrated icon of stag shop accessories

Costumes & Accessories

Discount on our accessories and costumes for your end of tour.

What Does LNOF Need?

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Regular Team Updates

And shoutouts on social media.

An illustrated icon of a camera

A photo of the Team

To add to our Hall of Fame.

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Link on your website

A link to our website from yours.

An illustrated icon of stag t-shirt and tick

Final Sign Off

Sign off on the kit design.

What are the rules?

  • Limited to 20 exclusive teams

  • Demonstrable proof of being named "Stags" before June 2022.

  • A senior team (for obvious reasons).

  • Teams can apply up until 30th June 2022.

Full terms & conditions can be viewed here

Interested? Get in Touch!

Full Terms & Conditions
  • • The side must have been known as "The Stags" from at least the 2021/2022 season
  • • They must be a senior side, and agree to a link from Last Night of Freedom's website.
  • • They must commit to regular social media updates and include our link from the website. They must also tag Last Night of Freedom on social media updates.
  • • Last Night of Freedom must sign off any kit designs.
  • • Applying for sponsorship is no guarantee of acceptance.
  • • Last Night of Freedom reserves the right to withdraw sponsorship should the actions of the club, or any players, bring the firm's name into disrepute

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