LNOF Sponsor Newcastle Falcons'

Last Updated 21/05/2018

We’re a bunch of wholesome, sporty types here at Last Night of Freedom. Okay, that was a fib... but we thought it was about time we got more involved in some proper sports, and the Newcastle Falcons Rugby Club seem like just the chaps for the job.

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Newcastle Falcons

Newcastle Falcons

We are proud to say that we have sponsored the excellent and rakishly charming Andy Saull (he’s pretty good at rugby too). Andy has been knocking about the office lately as part of the Saull Searching competition and turned out to be dead helpful, check out the pictures below if you don’t believe us.

For those of you that missed it, #SaullSearching was a big old game of hide and seek. For the princely prize of a pair of tickets and a signed ball each day, fans had to to correctly identify where Andy Saull, or more accurately, a cardboard cut-out of Andy Saull, was in the North East from a series of pictures. Andy’s two-dimensional twin was hanging around the Toon and getting up to all sorts of mischief, and it was up to you lot to figure out where he was.

Not only will winner get their free tickets but, because we like you, we also provided a rugby ball signed by the whole team as a memento. These balls have a variety of fabulous uses, from a handy door stop to a conversation starter (because everybody knows that a way to a woman’s heart is through your balls).

We’re not done yet though, you’ll be seeing much more of Andy round these parts so watch this space for more rugby-related shenanigans.