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Last Updated 23/04/2015

If rippling abdominals, pert pectorals and chizzled jawbones are your thing, you might just be in luck. The Forbidden Nights boys are out in force, and they're coming to your hen party...

Like This?

So how about those hot slices of hunk on Britain’s Got Talent? Now that you’ve had a chance to get your heart rate back to normal and have perhaps taken a cold shower, you might be wondering where you can get another fix of that ab-rippling action. How would you like tickets to see the Forbidden boys in the flesh?

Well, you're in luck, because we put on our best detective hats and have managed to track down these specimens of perfection when they're not on BGT (we just followed the sound of jaws hitting the floor), and we've managed to get our hands on some tickets for their breathtaking show at London’s Clapham Grand.

We're offering an unforgettable night of wonder and entertainment with the Forbidden Nights boys - we’ll even put you up in a 5-star hotel for the occasion, just to make sure that every part of your stay is as perfect as those bulging biceps.

The Forbidden Nights performers as seen on Britain's To Talent BGT

Hello boys...

The show includes everything from fire breathing to death defying acrobatics and perhaps even the odd sing-song (and of course some semi-naked hunks). This is the ultimate girls’ night out and you even get free entry into the Clapham Grand nightclub to carry on the celebrations. Oh, we do spoil you.

Find out more about our amazing Forbidden Nights package and book now before everyone else wants one.