Stag Night Face Masks and Cut Outs

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we know there are custom t-shirts that say ‘Dave’s Stag Do’ on them, but imagine if instead of wearing Dave’s name on your t-shirt, you wore Dave’s face – on your face.

A stag do, after all, is a highly personal occasion, and you can’t really get more personal than wearing your friend’s face. A personalised cut-out mask of the stag for every member in the group is a surely the boldest tribute to the groom-to-be.

But what is more of a tribute to the stag’s lovely mug than a mask of his face? A REALLY, REALLY BIG mask of his face.

So if you’re going to kit the boys out with some replica faces, as we all do from time to time, you might as well do it properly and go for these hilarious oversized personalised face masks.

These large custom-made masks create a surreal environment in which the stag actually has the smallest version of his own face in the room, which totally cracks us up.

At almost half a meter long, just imagine how many times you can say "why the long face?" It’s unlikely that this will ever stop being funny, whilst also being mathematically accurate, which we feel is sound footing for any joke.

However, if a face isn’t enough, and sometimes it ain’t, then settle down – we’ve got the answers. How about a life-size cardboard cut-out of the stag, in his most embarrassing photographed moment?

These are quickly becoming a new trend in stag night planning and are often a handy stunt-double for the main man, making these cut-outs practical as well as hilarious. For example, if Dave wants to try to chat-up a group of models by the bar at 2am, or drink 18 jager-bombs, you can gently suggest that ‘Dave 2’ takes this one - ‘he’s got it covered, mate.’

We like mixing things up a bit and using the stag’s head on say, the body of Pamela Anderson. Variety is the spice and all that. You could also take a cut-out of the bride-to-be along to keep him company. The possibilities are simply endless.

If you like the sound of all of this then please get in touch with our good friends at Mask Arade

Last Updated - 22/04/2014