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Stag Do Drag Costumes

When it comes to your best mate’s stag do, you need to pack him a costume that’ll turn heads, get all the lads laughing and make for excellent blackmail for years to come… which is why you lot need a knockout drag outfit. Your best man speech will basically write itself.

Six grooms all wearing different stag do drag costumes
Dude looks like a lady.

Dressing the stag up in dresses with fake boobs and a wig is just about as funny as it gets, and is sure to cause a stir wherever you may be celebrating on your stag weekend. We have almost 30 stag do drag costumes to choose from, so whether you're after a full on, warts ‘n’ all, X-rated drag costume (disclaimer: we will not pay for your forthcoming therapy), or you’re wanting something silly to single him out from the group, you name it, we’ve got it.

Our best-selling stag do drag costume is, without doubt, the Male Bride Costume. Complete with gorgeous wedding gown, belt, headpiece and veil, thousands of stags opt to wear this costume on their stag dos annually. Completely embarrassing, but equally inoffensive, this classic stag do costume is our top seller for a reason. Another popular but innocuous stag do drag costume is the Mr Miss World Costume, which is guaranteed a laugh – it’s just good, clean fun. If the shimmering hot pink dress with eye-watering split doesn’t get him noticed, the ‘Mr Miss World’ sash and sexy gloves certainly will. Get him a wig for added sass. He’ll put up a fight when you first present him with it, but by the end of the night, you’ll notice he kind of likes it... With these fun costumes, the Groom-to-Be will be suitably humiliated, but won’t be turned away from most bars and nightclubs, and won’t have parents sheltering the eyes of their young children on the street.

Now, if you want to throw caution to the wind and humiliate your best mate good and proper on his stag do, listen up. We’ve got the likes of the Crazy Naked Lady, the Stripper, the Pole Dancer and, the ultimate in rude and offensive drag costumes, the Lady Boy. Blokes at the bar pointing and checking him out until he turns around and flashes them his c*ck and balls? Talk about going out with a Bang-kok. It takes a certain type of stag to embrace this sort of costume, but they’re our kind of guys, and we’ve had some excellent (read: hilarious) feedback from the stags who’ve braved it and worn these costumes amidst their stag do shennanigans.

The other route you could take with your drag stag night costume is dressing the stag up as a famous character from TV or film - a female character, of course. If you reckon your mate would make a fetching Red Riding Hood, a smoking Princess Leia or a knock-out Baywatch Babe, make sure to kit him out in one of these hilarious drag costumes.

Also, have you ever wondered; where does the phrase drag costume come from? Well, during the era of William Shakespeare, there were no women in the theatre, all actors were male so if they needed a female character they would make a note against the actor which said "dressed as girl", but they would commonly use the shorthand version; Dr A G, bet you weren't expecting a history lesson from us were you?

LNOF Buyers Guide to Drag Costumes

Male bride costume modelled with veil over face

Best Value Drag Costume Male Bride Costume


For a top quality drag costume which won't break the bank, this male bride costume ticks all the boxes, our top seller for years, still at a great price.

  • One size, fits up to a 46" chest

  • Includes veil

  • Sensationally embarrassing

  • Does not include wig

A wedding themed drag costume complete with a veil which will fit most guys, it's easy to see why this is a favourite of ours..


Baywatch themed lifeguard outfit

Best Budget Drag Costume: Brazilian Lifeguard Costume


For a cheap and incredibly cheerful option we suggest our Anita Waxin costume, the lifeguard with ample flotation devices.

  • A bargain at only £24.99

  • One piece costume, so simple

  • Bright red, incredibly eye catching

  • Float sold separately

We would advise getting all the guys lifeguard costumes and dressing the stag in this.


The male model curtseying in the stripper costume

Best Premium Drag Costume: Stripper Costume


This stripper costume costs a bit more than some of the other options but it is well worth it, a full body suit is included, extremely entertaining .

  • Includes pink dress

  • All over body suit

  • Hourglass figure

  • Very bulky

If you want a costume which is going to make a visual impact then this stripper outfit is definitely one to consider..


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