Unite the troops with hilarious, rude or ridiculously embarrassing stag do costumes or t-shirts. From loud and proud Pimps, to Fox Hunters chasing their catch (the stag) - you’ll find everything you need right here.

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Get All of the Boys Involved With Our Epic Stag Do Themes

Our range of hilarious and extravagant stag do costumes are bound to make the groom blush as much as the bride. It’s never been easier to break the ice and get the banter flowing whilst in this epic attire. All our stag party outfits are affordable, comfortable and are bound to make you centre of attention on the big night out. You’re in for an unforgettable weekend.

Party animals

It’s a jungle out there. You and the boys better be prepared. Go wild on your stag do with these wacky and wonderful animal costumes.

Animal farm - Sorry George Orwell, but this costume is far from political. Quite frankly, it’s hilarious. Nothing will limber the boys up quicker than waddling around town in a chicken costume – watch out hens!

Monkey business - Put that banana away! We know that a night out with the lads can get very cheeky. Embrace the madness with these hysterical gorilla costumes.

Fox and hunter - Is your groom a posh boy? Would he fit perfectly into the cast of Made in Chelsea? Well then, it’s time you let him reminisce his country house antics with this riotous group costume. Don’t lose sight on the fox on your big night out, you don’t want to disturb the hens.

Stag queen

Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the funniest. Like putting a skirt and a wig on your mate. And maybe some fake boobs.

Baywatch - Move over Pamela Anderson, there’s a new man in town. Make sure the stag doesn’t lose his Blonde Wig as he runs in slow motion towards the pub. Ok so, it might not be as elegant as Pamela, but it sure is a lot funnier. No waves will come crashing down on this stag night.

Snow white and the seven gnomes - Your group of lads definitely has some big personalities. There’s grumpy, dopey and some very bashful fellas. But what they all have in common is that they’d love to humiliate the stag. And nothing will make the groom-to-be prettier like dressing him up as a Disney princess. Who knew Snow White’s legs were so hairy?

Hawaiian Hula Guys - A few of your stag group members have let go of their summer bodies. Offer them some support with the Hula Bras (Dad bods are in fashion, don’t worry). It can be expensive sending a group of lads on vacation, so bring the sunshine to you with these tropical outfits. Aloha!

Men in uniform

The ladies love a professional. Show them that you’re not only good at what you do, but you’re also extremely stylish.

Opposuits - So, you finally got the big man out of the office, but don’t rid him of his precious suit. These swanky suits will let everyone know that you are professional partiers. You can always guarantee that you’ll look dapper in a suit, no matter how extravagant.

Sailors - Ahoy there matey! All aboard the banter boat. Make sure that you don’t lose any sailors at sea with these easily recognisable stag do costumes. A few lads will probably end up overboard buy 3AM (oops).

Toy Soldiers - Quick, Andy’s coming! Don’t move! Live your childhood dreams, Toy Story style, with these epic army figurine costumes. Stand the lads to attention and make sure the stag follows his orders all night. Shots will be fired.

Geek out

There’s no denying that we are all nerds deep down. Although some of us try and hide this more than others. Don’t let the stag forget his geekish roots with these hysterical stag night costumes.

Star Wars - Glow sticks are far too tame for your stag do, so we recommend investing in a few lightsabres. There’s nothing more powerful than Darth Vader entering the bar followed by an entourage of Stormtroopers. You sir, certainly do have the force.

Super Heroes - You’ve managed to tie a girl down and that’s more than can be said for the rest of the lads. Let them have a go at your superpowers on your stag night. Hopefully no girls will be flying away.

Pub Golf - Who said golf had to be for old fogeys? Forget the cold outdoors, get a hole in one at the bar with the boys. Just make sure you dress appropriately for the occasion. A few rounds in and you’ll be thinking you’re Tiger Woods.

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