Army Theme

The army theme is a classic and one that will command the attention of all the civilians out on the lash.

It has a delightful element of tradition, taking you back to when you played at being soldiers when you were but a young lad – hiding inpretend-y trenches only to leap out and onto a brick wall where you would make freaking awesome machine gun noises as you spectacularly took out your opposition. Bonus points went to whoever performed the most dramatic fall after being shot.

Now that you’re all grown-up, the army theme has a different kind of street-cred. You might work in IT and your most dangerous moment waswhen you tried to grab that biscuit out of a fresh brew last week and knacked your hand - but tonight your middle name is Danger.

Your other middle name is Hero. And your other middle name is Strength (you’ve got a long name). Being an army man givesyou that rich and flawless combination that changes you from a man to ‘a real man’ – you’re courageous, you save lives and you can rescueany damsel in distress using just one of your powerful and defined biceps.

Watch out, ladies – they’ve got inflatable guns and they’re not afraid to use them.

Products Required For This Theme

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