Four guys saying cheers while holding beer steins aloft
  • Four guys saying cheers while holding beer steins aloft
  • German themed costumes with beer
  • Orange Lederhosen with green hats
  • Guys in Lederhosen Morphsuits

Bavarian Theme


Bavarian Products

About Bavarian Theme

Lads, we get it, you like to keep yourselves looking good. After all, there’s nothing more attractive to the fairer species than a well-groomed gent, so we agree it’s worth you putting that little bit of extra effort into making yourself look utterly top-notch, as we know you do.

But at this point, let us introduce to you an invaluable tool, to propel yourselves even deeper into the realms of Earth-shatteringly attractive; the Bavarian theme. Think babe-magnet deluxe Bavarian hats, legendary lederhosen morphsuits and smouldering stein glasses to swill your beers from.

Upon placing a fetching Oktoberfest Bavarian hat atop your proud head, or clothing yourself in a majestic Bavarian beer man costume, your body and soul will transform into a beer-guzzling Bavarian beer man (don’t ask us how, it just happens).

So chaps, whack on your lederhosen morphsuit, top up your stein glass, clutch those bradwurst sausages, and prepare to be swamped with female attention (don’t say we didn’t warn you). Here’s to thinking like a Bavarian Badman.

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