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Men wearing T-shirts that look like leather bondage gear or topless with a tie
  • Men wearing T-shirts that look like leather bondage gear or topless with a tie
  • back shot of four men in rude bondage T-shirts
  • man in funny bondage T-shirt doing a bicep curl
  • back shot of man in bondage t-shirt

Faux Real Theme

It's Faux Real, Fellas


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About Faux Real Theme

These Faux Real T-Shirts are perfect for special occasions, such as family reunions, weddings, Christenings and Bar Mitzvahs. But if you’relooking at this page for stag do inspiration, then they will probably suffice for that as well.

As one of the most genius products we’ve ever come across, these T-shirts have the power to transform you into a new man. The Bondage design is perfect for the more inhibited stag who wants to explore his sexuality from the safety of a high-quality T-shirt, and the Sexy Man Handling design has the desirableeffect of rending every woman you encounter into a jealous frenzy because you’re constantly being felt up by someone else.

As far as stag night themes go, these T-shirts are a cheeky bit of fun. They also have the bonus of giving you the body of an Adonis (evenif he is controversially leather-clad and adorned with handcuffs), which means that you can drink as much beer as you like whilst still retaining a ripped six-pack covered in lipstick kisses.

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