five men in hideous floral and paisley outfits
  • five men in hideous floral and paisley outfits
  • five men trying to look cool in clashing patterned outfits
  • a man trying to look smooth in a hideous patterned outfit
  • a man opening his foul patterned jacket

Foul Fashion Theme

Subtly Stylish


About Foul Fashion Theme

There is a defined methodology in how these garments come about. The Paris-based designers select the most hideous, loud, patterned fabrics on the face of the earth, chuck them in a massive pile and ferociously instruct the talented tailors to weave them into‘the foulest fashion imaginable’.

‘Make it psychedelic, surreal and vile!’ shouts Jean-Pierre. ‘I want it to look like a 1970s paisley wallpaper drunkenly made love to a flower-bed and then sneaked out in the middle of the night.’

Strangely, the more of you that wear these garments, the less foul it looks. We think this posse of chaps look rather chic and it’s probably only a matter of time before London Fashion week gets their mitts on these designs. Shirts, blazers, trousers or shorts – you have options whatever the season. Or better yet, wear them all at once.

You’ll not be a wall-flower in this get-up.

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