two men dressed as hunters on inflatable horseback chasing a man in a fox costume
  • two men dressed as hunters on inflatable horseback chasing a man in a fox costume
  • a stag group dressed as four huntsmen and one giant fox
  • a man dressed as a fox, casually leaning on one of four men in hunter costumes
  • a man in a fox costume being chased by two hunters on inflatable horses

Fox and Hunter Theme

Tally Ho!


About Fox and Hunter Theme

Bring an element of regal masterfulness to your stag do. Nobody need know that you’re Dave, Steve, Craig and Darren – tonight you’re highsociety chaps with names like Hugo, Reginald, Rufus and Toby. You’re the cast of Made in Chelsea, who may be hilariously removed from reality, but they’re always consuming alcohol, have extraordinary success rates ofbedding women with names like ‘Caggie’ and ‘Binky’ and have disgustingly magnificent family estates. Sounds alright to us. Women like men who own lots of land.

We think this stag theme is bloody spiffing marvellous. It’s outrageously over-the-top without being embarrassing. Dress the stag as the fox (we never thought we’d say that sentence) and all manner of tomfoolery will ensue when you’ve got a bit squiffy from all the bourbon you’re obliged to consume. The hunters look like fine noblemen – especially if you ride in on(inflatable) horseback – one of the most impressive ways to enter a club.

If you really want to get into the spirit of things, you could play a little game: dress half of you as foxes and the other half as huntsmen, choose some select pubs and bars, give the foxes a few minutes’ head start and go! Thehuntsmen chase the foxes through the night and there’s some ruddy embarrassing forfeits if they get caught. We’d love to check out theother punters as they see a group of foxes quickly down a pint and peg it out the door.

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