Hawaiian Hula Girl Theme

Aloha, boys!

It’s the 21st century, the age of gender equality, and why should gentlemen get shirts and denim trousers whilst women get to dress up with exotic paraphernalia? If you think about it, dressing up as Hawaiian Hula Girls not only shows that you’re comfortable with your masculinity, but also asserts you as a group of modern feminists - a winning combination forimpressing the ladies.

And nothing says masculinity like a floral bra and shaking your booty in a grass skirt. Embracing your inner hulagoddesses is also a fabulous excuse to shirk off that trusty pint of lager and embrace the fruity, tropical drinks that you have secretlylusted after all these years. We can guarantee that you’ll look even more butch if you’re drinking them from one of our coconut drinking vessels or, better yet, from the beautiful beak of our Pink Flamingo Bong.

For a few flourishing touches, make that drink a Pina Colada, slather yourself in coconut oil and dirty dance around a Tiki pole.

Products Required For This Theme