stag group in bright morphsuits
  • stag group in bright morphsuits
  • man in neon green morphsuit
  • man in a pink tuxedo morphsuit
  • man in an electric blue morphsuit

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The more, the merrier with Morphsuits. A solitary Morphsuit looks like some guy has lost the plot, but a big colourful crew of you looks epic.

They are outrageous and embarrassing, but in an anonymous way - so it’s not as typically humiliating as stag night drag or dressing thegroom up as a giant vagina. Come on, they’ve got a bit of class.

On that note, why not go for a tuxedo design? They’re ideal for high society functions and as you can drink through Morphsuits, quaffing your champers won’t be problematic. They’re lightweight and have a zip up the back, making them easyto get on and off (though why you’d want to take it off is beyond us). They are also surprisingly comfortable and incredibly flattering on the male physique.

Our customer reviews alone are testament to this: Dean, 24, from Reading, says: 'I can’t leave the house in one of these without getting laid. It’s inconvenient to say the least. My time-keeping has been shot to s**t.’

Marcus, 34, from Berkshire says: ‘Every area of my life has vastly improved. I used to be a lowlife bum with no prospects, but theMorphsuit transformed me – I went from being on the dole to owning a successful company with an annual turnover of £31 billion within seconds of my Morphsuit purchase.’

Douglas, 84, from Illinois says: ‘My self-esteem has sky-rocketed since purchasing one of these. I love the minimalism – no muss no fuss –and the silky texture is to die for.’

The evidence is indisputable – see what the Morphsuits can do for you.

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