Mullet Theme

Here at the LNOF Headquarters, our hearts are heavy with the demise of the mullet.

Once upon a time, the mullet oozed sporting prowess and animal sex appeal, but it is now seldom seen anywhere but on thecrazy guy on the bus, where there is usually a direct correlation between the unruliness of his mane and how many pigeons he has shouted at that day.

We believe that the mullet’s glory days should be restored. A mullet is masculine and mysterious, it is dangerous and exciting. The Hulk sported a mullet, Pat Sharpe of Fun House fame sported a mullet. Hell, even George Clooney had a mullet.

For a stag night theme, mullets offer the sweet combination of retaining your gentlemanly allure from the neck down with your ordinarygarments, but with a playful rebellion from the neck up. This get-up says ‘hey, I’m a real man. I have a job, a smart shirt and amoderately expensive cologne – but I still know how to have fun’.

The mullet is also a versatile barnet and we offer an array or styles to suit your personal tastes – from the sleek and manicured to thewild and untamed, our mullets will make you feel like the man you were born to be.

Products Required For This Theme