five men looking outrageously cool in colourful patterned suits
  • five men looking outrageously cool in colourful patterned suits
  • a man wearing a Testival Opposuit
  • five blokes in a stag night wearing crazy suits
  • a man in a suit covered in dollar bills, baby

Opposuits Theme

Suit Up


About Opposuits Theme

There is nothing ordinary about an Opposuit.

A normal suit has its place in life – job interviews, christenings, giving PowerPoint presentations to HR, and other boring stuff like that. But it is not adequate for a stag do. That’s where the Opposuit comes in.

With a tagline ‘100% polyester, 200% awesome’, you know you’re onto something special. But don’t be fooled by the outrageous designs,these are no disposable fancy-dress costume. Opposuits are high in quality and exceptionally well-cut, so you combine the elegant tailoring of a gentleman and the bold print of a rebel.

Basically, they’re a lot of fun. This is a suit that says ‘ladies, I take looking good seriously – but not myself. Because I’m so much fun’.

They become even more awesome in numbers. Our Head Honcho went on a stag do on a yacht in Croatia (yup, he’s that cool) where twenty-threeof them went out in Opposuits. They were treated - and lusted after (he says) – as though they were celebrities.

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