Party Animals Theme

a stag group dressed as farmyard animals Three male models dressed as farmyard animals Two men dressed as sheep and a dog looking at each other Two men dressed as a rabbit and a duck, both bent over laughing Three men in farm yard onesies
  • Five models dressed in animal onesies
  • a hen between a cow and a fox, posing with his wings out
  • models dressed as a sheep and a dog, facing each other
  • two male models bent over wearing animal costumes
  • male models dressed as a pig, horse and a duck

Ya filthy animal

We all know that the main purposes of a stag do are to a) humiliate the stag, b) attract as much attention to your group as possible, c) gain the attention of beautiful women, and d) down as many drinks as humanly possible.

Well, what if we told you that we could combat all of these pointers on your epic stag party checklist in one fell swoop (apart from the latter, but we’re sure you’ve got that covered).

Enter – the party animals. Think you’ve got what it takes to make a convincing chicken or a life like lamb? Prove it. Whatever guise you fancy donning; from dizzy ducklings, courageous cows or dopey dogs – we’ve got your back. Made from a superior quality material, these onesie style outfits are a real talking point – and will certainly single out the stag on his last night of freedom.

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