five men in black and purple pimp costumes
  • five men in black and purple pimp costumes
  • man in black pimp costume with a cane
  • man in crushed purple velvet pimp costume
  • man in crushed purple velvet pimp costume

Pimp Theme

Pimpin' It


About Pimp Theme

Ever wanted to be a pimp, but were obstructed by the law and those pesky morals?

Well today’s you’re lucky day, son!

Not only can you dress up as a P.I.M.P, but one in 1970s splendour – we’ve got purple crushed velvet, faux-leather, leopard print collarsand massive flares. This stag night theme is tastelessly daft and as camp as Christmas. We particularly enjoy thefeather-detail in this subtle piece of head-wear. A tip of the hat says a lot in the pimp world. It says ‘young woman, that is a mighty fine behind you aresporting. I’m not saying I want to pimp you out, but if I were to, you’d make a million bucks, baby’.

Accessorising is the key to this theme’s success. You want to adorn yourself in majestic medallions and dollar bling-rings. To really finish off the look, we reckon you need a thick, rusty rug of chest hair. It’s impossible not toimprove any 1970s ensemble with excessive chest hair. However, if you’re sans-rug or you shave your chest like a member of Geordie Shore, you couldcompensate with a flourishing handlebar moustache.

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