Private Party

Here at the Last Night of Freedom HQ, we have always felt that subtlety is the key to a successful stag night theme, which is why we adorethis genital-themed extravaganza.

It is for the distinguished fellows out there – as nothing could be more refined and gentlemanly than swilling a glass of brandy and smoking a Cuban cigar whilst dressed as a giant fanny.

Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack used to do something quite similar.

This theme is for the Tarquins, the Ruperts, the Hugos and the double-barrelled mouthfuls – the Barrington-Forbes, the Claxton-Woodgarsand the Huntington-Smithes.

Picture the scene:an old library, the musty aroma of leather-bound books, Billie Holiday crackles on an old gramophone in the corner, thesmoky scent of wood burns on a roaring fire, a grand armchair housed in front of it – and there sits your mate, dressed in a giant pink vagina costume, kicking back like nobody’s business. In fact, the more relaxed and nonchalant your demeanour, the more entertaining these cock and fanny costumes become.

A giant penis running about the place smashing pints into his face is old news in the stag world. But a giant penis casually leaning against the bar and smoothly ordering a martini takes it to a superior level of hilarity: ‘I’ll havedouble Hennessy on the rocks, beautiful,’ winked the giant phallus.

And the rest was history.

Products Required For This Theme