Snow White and the Seven Gnomes

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? It’s only you, Dave. Or, it will be, if you dress up as Snow White on your stag do.

This epic costume is a real treat – and it’ll proper stitch up the stag. With a red garter, a luscious black wig and a fairytale mini dress, he’ll be the belle of the ball. Plus, you can always take loads of unflattering pics and blackmail him later in life.

But, we’re not forgetting you, fellas. After all, gnoman is an island. We’ve got a number of cheerful gnome costumes - seven, to be precise. Whether you’re Sleepy (for the one in the group who’s been known to fall asleep during a night out), Dopey (the one who always says stupid things), or Doc (nope - we’ve no idea either). Complete with cone hat and brightly coloured outfit – you and the boys are certain to turn heads when rocking up in these.

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