Close up of men dressed up as Darth vader and Stormtroopers
  • Close up of men dressed up as Darth vader and Stormtroopers
  • Four men dressed as Jedi's and one as Yoda
  • Two men wearing Jedi costumes, one man as Princess Leia and one as Jabba the Hut
  • Man dressed as Darth Vader with Stormtroopers

Star Wars Theme

You might get Wookie


About Star Wars Theme

You’re a cool, calm and collected individual – and, sir, let us be the first to tell you – you have the force.

You see a man creating the biggest Death Star ever known, and you take his sorry ass down (even though he’s your Dad). You have the full force of the Galactic Empire on your back, and you show ‘em who’s the real Sith Lord. You see a hot Queen and, what do you do? You only go and put a ring on it. You, sir, are a hero to all men.

You smile in the face of adversity, laugh in the face of stormtroopers, and you rock a cape and an oxygen mask like it’s no one’s business. And, when you whip out your pulsating lightsaber – the ladies of Naboo flock.

Oh, and with this stag night theme, you also get to dress up as the ultimate BABE and badass woman – Princess Leia. And, we absolutely recommend this outfit for the stag, the cinnamon buns really bring out his colour. For talking like Yoda after several pints, bonus points you shall receive. Hmmmmmm.

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