five men in Toy Soldier costumes
  • five men in Toy Soldier costumes
  • A man posing in a Toy Soldier costume
  • five men posing in Toy Soldier costumes
  • A man posing in a Toy Soldier costume with an inflatable gun

Toy Soldier Theme

Assume the Position!


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About Toy Soldier Theme

Designed as those iconic little plastic toy soldiers that you used to play with when you were a lad, these costumes are more traditional than your average army theme – a bit less macho-bicep-flashing-I-can-do-press-ups-with-three-women-on-my-back and a bitmore classy and cool.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace some good old-fashioned tomfoolery, especially if you play the genius game, Assume the Position.

All you gentlemen need is a bag of toy soldiers (we can sort these out for you) and give one to each member of your platoon at the startof the night. From then on, whenever anybody shouts ‘assume the position!’ you must acquire the position of your mini-me. Sounds simpleenough, but this causes chaos if you’re in the middle of a nightclub. Jumping into a grenade-throwing / shooting / sniper position causes quite the stir when you’re mid-convo with the barmaid.

You’re quite literally bringing your toy box to life.

Add some camouflage face paint too – you know, so you really blend into your surroundings in that beer garden / cocktail bar / casino.

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