Traxedo Theme

Forget Vogue, the red carpet and Paris Fashion Week – you heard it here first. Welcome to a whole new era of male fashion. Let us introduce to you the mighty traxedo; a tracksuit and tuxedo hybrid – get it? Getting kitted out with one of these bad boys will ensure that you never again face that age old dilemma of not knowing what to wear to a smart/casual event or, the ever present panic that you may need to break into a jog whilst wearing your finest three piece.

These epic outfits are crafted with only the most luxurious, super soft material, and are certain to add a touch of class to your stag do. Whether you choose to dress in the head turning black or the fetching flamingo pink traxedo – you’re certain to look effortlessly strapping and guaranteed to turn heads in any club. For added humiliation, we recommend highlighting the stag’s status by dressing him in a pink traxedo – whilst all of the boys work the classic black.

Products Required For This Theme