Monkey Business

Stop monkeying around and dress up as a gorilla. Or a monkey. Or a banana. Or anything you like really, but those are the three options in this theme.

We love this theme for its downright silliness and its potential for banana-gags – by this we mean jokes and not gaggingsomeone with a banana. But that’s a pretty good gag right there.

The gorillas are of an astonishing quality and – we think you’ll agree – disturbingly realistic. The black one, Tarquin (a posher version of Tarzan. He went to Eton), is a force to be reckoned with and he’s a demon in the sack. He also enjoys thepoetry of T.S. Eliot and long walks on the beach. The neon pink gorilla, Alison, has a penchant for lemon soufflé, describes herself as‘zany’ and is notoriously jealous – a classic Libra.

The other monkey and banana costumes are super-soft and snuggly and double up as fantastic bed-wear in the winter months. We’d recommendyou dress your stag up as a gorilla and the rest of you can go as his posse. Go on – go ape.

Products Required For This Theme