a stag group dressed as Where's Wally looking lost
  • a stag group dressed as Where's Wally looking lost
  • a man dressed as Where's Wally
  • a group of men dressed in Where's Wally costumes and masks
  • A group of guys dressed as Where's Wally and smiling

Where's Wally Theme

Where the actual f**k is Wally?


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About Where's Wally Theme

You spent your whole childhood looking for this fella, sneaky bas**rd, hiding in awesome places behind Wizard Whitebeard. Well tonight, Wally will be all over the place. Everywhere you look, all night - there he is. There’s Wally. You found him. You found him!

This costume ticks all the boxes for your stag night theme – it’s inoffensive, everyone knows who Wally is, ladies love a guy in spectacles and your stripy top makes you look a bit French.

Being so easy to spot each other also makes it ideal for rounding up your posse for a taxi at the end of a night. If anything, this themeis a safety precaution. And if you do something humiliating, you can blame it on a different Wally and no one will be any the wiser…

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